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yabo亚博体育下载 is a chemical enterprise based on product technology research and development,composed of three production sites,one sales company,one R&D center and one US branch.More than 90% of products are exported to over 60 countries around the world,including Europe,North America,Oceania ,South America and the Middle East.
yabo亚博体育下载 owns standardized GMP workshop,well-equipped application R&D center,professional laboratory and complete GMP management system.Meanwhile,yabo亚博体育下载 approved on-site auditing by the US FDA in 2014.In the past few years,yabo亚博体育下载 products have been highly recognized by domestic and overseas customers,and it has become an advanced enterprise in the global cosmetics sunscreen raw material industry.
In yabo亚博体育下载,outstanding minds,GMP compliant quality assurance system,and regulations for cosmetic industry are integrated.yabo亚博体育下载 team provide the following professional services to our clients:
1.Product R&D and process development
2.Product supply from kilograms to multi-tons
3.Custom synthesis and contract manufacture
4.DMF for regulatory compliance,technical support and related information exchange
5.End user documentation audits and on-site audits
6.Prompt response and efficient after-sales service
7.Strict confidentiality of customers' commercial and technical information

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