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yabo亚博体育下载 R&D center was established in 2003 with a team of 2 Doctors and 6 Masters.It has been dedicated to the research and development of novel products and its applications,innovation of new process and optimization of existing process,definition and verification of analytical methods and quality standards.
In the past few years ,technicians and engineers in yabo亚博体育下载 have made remarkable achievements in the development of new products,processes and analytical methods to guarantee product quality,increase yield,and reduce production cost.
yabo亚博体育下载 owns its R&D center independently,while having good collaboration with various scientific institutes and universities in China such as Huazhong University of Technology、Zhejiang University of Technology、Wuhan University of Technology、Wuhan Engineering Institute、Hubei Normal University、Huangshi university of Technology.At the meantime,the third party---Hubei Tiantai Engineering Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd.,supply environmental protection support.